Crafty Madams



We’re back!

Many of you may remember the crafty madams sessions we held before the last fair. It is time to get cracking again to prepare for ……the Crafty Madams do Christmas!

The state election this year is November 29, and we will do our best to extract money from the voting public who visit our school’s polling booth. The craft stall did well last time, and with the election being so close to Christmas it makes sense to appeal to that festive spirit.

We aim to get together in the hall about once each month. The plan is that we will work together on one or two projects each time. Please don’t feel that you need to be crafty or creative to come along. This works best when we share ideas and learn different skills from each other.

The first session is planned for Thursday 3rd April at 8pm in the Hall. Join us even if you think you might just like a chat….the more the merrier!

Cassie Lyons (Ruby G6, Coco G3) and Cas Coomans (Xavier G2, Emie Prep)

0405 728 033 0407 809 667

Future dates for your diary.....

Thurs 3rd April

Thurs 24th April

Mon 19th May

Wed 11th June

Thurs 17th July

Mon 4th August

Mon 8th September

Mon 13th Oct

Thurs 6th Nov