Parish Education Board


This is the principal body associated with education in the parish. Its purpose is to bring together all  parties connected with this education: the Parish Priest, the principal, parents, teachers and other groups involved in the parish community. Elected members come to the Board after being nominated by people in the school community or volunteering their services. They serve a two or three  year term and are eligible for renomination for a further term, if they so wish. The Board usually meets twice per term and acts as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the parish school. It enables the people of our parish school community to share their wisdom and enrich the decision making process.


Purposes of the Board

To be an advisory and support group that helps to establish future goals for our Catholic School. School policies, finance, staffing, resourcing and pastoral care are some of the issues that could be discussed at the Education Board.

To assist in the development of the school as a Christian community involving students, staff, principal, parents and priest, so that all will experience living, learning, loving and a commitment to the service of God and the community.

To promote community development by fostering a strong interrelationship between parish and school.

The current Board members are:


Chairperson   -  Mr Matthew Lyons

Parish Priest  -  Fr Daniel Serratore

Principal  -  Mrs Meredith Bennett

Deputy Principal  -   Mrs Lorraine Walker

Secretary  -   Ms Kylie Sibonis

Parents and Friends Representative  -   Ms Genevieve Walton

Parent Representatives   -  Mr Brendan Hoy, Mr Antony Borgese, Ms Melina Natsioulas and Ms Kate Sutherland, Ms Michaela Strang, Mr Mark Siu and Mr Chris Hedley