Regular Sports Activities


In December students attend 8 swimming lessons at Presbyterian Ladies' College. The swimming program culminates in a swimming carnival held on the last day.

Athletics Carnival

The Students are divided into four house colours and these house teams compete at the Annual Athletics Carnival.

Events such as:

  • Sprints and longer distance races
  • Relays
  • Novelty Events

The House Colours are named after the founding principals of St. Benedict’s. At the beginning of each year the students are allocated a house colour. The names of the teams are as follows:

LaRoche - Red
Hall - Yellow
Burke - Green
Clarke -Blue

School Sports1

Running Club

In order to prepare students for cross country events and athletics carnivals, we offer a before school running club. Students from all classes are invited to participate in order to improve their fitness.


Interschool Sports

The Students from Years five and six participate in interschool sport where they compete against other local schools. Some of the sports activities are:

  • Netball
  • T-Ball
  • Cricket 
  • Basketball


Bike Riding

The children in the Years five and six participate in a bike education program at school.  It aims to develop

confidence, road safety awareness and bike riding skills.

This culminates in students cycling to a Bennettswood Bowling Club where they are taught by club members the intricacies of bowling.  Parents also support this program and it helps the children foster connections with the wider community.

Bike ed