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The Story of St Benedict

Benedict was born(480 CE) in Nursia, a village high in the mountains northeast of Rome. His parents sent him to Rome for classical studies but he found the life of the eternal city too degenerate for his tastes. Consequently he fled to a place southeast of Rome called Subiaco where he lived as a hermit for three years tended by the monk Romanus.  The hermit, Benedict, was then discovered by a group of monks who asked him to become their spiritual leader.


Benedict established twelve monasteries with twelve monks each in the area south of Rome. Later, perhaps in 529, he moved to Monte Cassino and built his premier monastery. It was there that he wrote the Rule for the monastery of Monte Cassino.


Accounts of Benedict's life included miracles and miraculous works, e.g., making water flow from rocks, sending a disciple to walk on the water, making oil continue to flow from a flask. The miracle stories echo the events of certain prophets of Israel as well as happenings in the life of Jesus.  


St. Benedict’s school motto is “Ad Jesum per Marian” (To Jesus through Mary). This reflects the work of the Marist sisters in the life and history of St. Benedict’s school.