At St. Benedict’s we adopt teaching and learning strategies in Mathematics that enable students to be actively engaged in the learning process.

Our Numeracy program covers the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment (VCAA ) by encouraging a variety of knowledge building and authentic experiences.

The Content areas covered are:

  • Number and Algebra

  • Measurement and Geometry

  • Statistics and Probability

These content areas are taught via the Proficiencies:

  • Fluency (automatic recall of numeracy facts, proper use of tools )

  • Reasoning (answering why, explaining and justifying their thinking)

  • Problem Solving (using different strategies to solve real life problems)

  • Understanding (making connections, describing and interpreting problems)

Students are encouraged to ‘have a go’ at all problems and that making mistakes help us to learn. 

The Mathematics program aims to develop in students:

  • an appreciation of Mathematics as a relevant life tool to apply to everyday contexts

  • an enjoyment of Mathematics

  • confidence in applying Mathematics

  • creativity in problem solving

  • perseverance in solving Mathematical challenges

  • demonstrates knowledge, skills and understandings of concepts in practical terms

  • a positive attitude to Mathematics and a love for lifelong learning

At St Benedict’s, active engagement in learning in Mathematics is an important goal for our students. Learning needs to have a meaning and a purpose, enabling students to develop knowledge on their own. Being engaged in learning encourages students to become self-motivated and responsible for their future.

We encourage children to use their initiative and be resourceful in the classroom. When students seek new information and apply it to meaningful and real-life learning experiences, they begin to work with higher levels of thinking. This challenges our imagination and encourages us to explore and question.

Our approach in the classroom is to provide each child with the opportunity to reach their potential in a supported and inspiring contemporary learning setting.

Ongoing assessment at St. Benedict’ drives classroom instruction. We assess students using a variety of tools and methods and use this assessment to personalise Maths instruction so all students are challenged and supported within the classroom.