Maths Intervention

At St Benedict’s Primary School we provide Maths Intervention for students from Years one to six. At the start of each new school year all students do screening tests for Maths to assess their “readiness” to undertake the program for that year. Another criteria is the SINE Success in Numeracy Education whole number assessment relevant to their year. If this data reveals that the student score is less than 40% the Maths leader will provide numeracy Intervention for these students. This is a small group session. The children work with the Maths leader at the same time as their normal class Maths lesson once per week.

The aim of Maths intervention is to build confidence and enthusiasm for how numbers work and provide intrinsic motivation for mathematical learning. The focus is to consolidate what the students are learning in the classroom at the time and to underpin the concepts to allow for deeper understanding.


In collaboration with classroom teachers the students’ needs for Maths intervention will be reviewed at the end of each term.