Literacy - Reading Recovery



Reading Recovery was designed for students in Year 1 who are experiencing difficulties with reading and writing. It was developed in New Zealand by Dame Marie Clay, an educator and psychologist and based on over 30 years of ongoing research.


Reading Recovery is a short term early intervention program. Students are selected for the program based on individual measures of assessment, age and consultation with the teacher. Their classroom literacy program is then supplemented with daily one-to-one lessons of 30 minutes with a specially trained teacher.


The Reading Recovery teacher observes, analyses and interprets the reading and writing behaviours of the students and designs individual lessons based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Reading Recovery engages children in reading books, working with words and writing their own stories thereby helping them to develop effective reading and writing strategies.


During the daily 30 minute lesson there is a lot of praise and just the right amount of support to successfully learn, use and revise strategies. These lessons usually cover a period of 12 to 20 weeks. Parents are encouraged to become involved and help with some tasks to do at home every night.