At St Benedict’s we implement the Victorian Curriculum. English is organised into three interrelated strands - Language, Literature and Literacy, which together focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing.

We use formal Assessment and Data to inform teachers’ planning, target students’ learning and to measure growth.  We are part of the Literacy Assessment Project (LAP) implemented by Catholic Education Melbourne and Melbourne University. This project focuses on  improving Reading Comprehension skills by using data to place students on a reading continuum. This identifies each student’s strengths, areas for future teaching and targeted strategies. St Benedict’s also implement the Progressive Achievement Test to gather further evidence of student growth in comprehension from year to year.

Teachers set high expectations and explicitly teach the skills required to be literate. Two hour English blocks are taught each day in Years Prep to Four. In Years Five and Six there are 5 dedicated English sessions per week. It is important to note that English is integrated through all curriculum areas.

We employ a whole/small/whole structure. Each session begins with a whole class activity that centres on developing specific skills. This is followed by students engaging in a range of differentiated activities that focus on individual needs. A teacher focus group is held during this time to target the specific needs of particular students. Sessions conclude with the whole class coming together to reflect on their learning.