As a small community we are able to build strong relationships between school and families. Our school culture promotes a feeling of welcome to all and a sense of belonging.

Some examples of these connections are:

  • Parent class liaison representatives who organize events for parents and teachers such as class dinners
  • SRC (Student Representative Council)
  • Parents, grandparents and extended family members volunteer as classroom and activity helpers
  • Grandparents/Special Friends Day
  • Italian Day
  • Art Show
  • Prep and Year 6 teddy Bear's picnic
  • Disco evening at the end of the year
  • Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Masses
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s day stall organized by the Parent and Friends Association
  • Father’s Day Breakfast, Mother’s day morning tea
  • Twilight School Sports
  • Parental involvement in school sports, athletics, swimming and Bike Ed. programs
  • Casserole banks for families in need
  • Performing for Burwood Hill Aged Care Facility
  • Parents and Friends association, Mothers group, playgroup
  • Parish Education Board
  • Tuckshop