Fees and Levies


Family with one child at St. Benedict’s - $1,641 per year
Family with two children at St. Benedict’s - $2,460 per year
Family with three or more children at St. Benedict’s - $2,997 per year

Statements are sent our early in the school year with the full amount for School Fees and Levies payable per annum. Account Rendered Statements are sent home in Terms 2 and 3. You can elect to pay school fees and levies in one annual payment in Term 1, or three equal instalments in Term 1, 2 and 3 or 10 equal instalments. All fees and levies should be paid in full by the commencement of Term 4. If you have any concerns regarding the payment of school fees or levies please make an appointment with the Office Manager, Mrs. Karen Dermietzel or the Principal, Mrs Meredith Bennett.



The Education Levy is an annual levy per child covering all books/class requirements. The Education levy is $396.00 per child in Gr Prep - Gr4 + $438 for children in Gr5/6 and is billed at the beginning of the school year with the School Fees.



The School Improvement Levy is charged per annum and is $417 per family. The Computer Fee is charged at $225 per family. The School Improvement Fee and Computer Fee are also billed per annum at the beginning of the school year with School Fees and the Education Levy.



In 2007 there was an Instrumental Levy introduced for children in Year 3 to Year 6. The Instumental Levy for 2018 will be $255 for your first child and $225 for the second and any other subsequent children. This will enable your child/ren to have a 55 minute instrumental, or voice lesson weekly. Information outlining the instruments offered was sent home recently. The Levy includes loan of instuments. Most of the instruments are the property of the school and hire would be far more expensive if this was not the case.

Private music tuition will still be available if you choose to have your child/ren taught an additional instrument or additional lessons.

It is an expectation that all children participate in the swimming programme during the last two weeks of term 4. The swimming levy will remain at $100 per child.

As a school community and with loyal parents this financial assistance will allow St. Benedict’s School to offer the same high standard of education and fantastic facilities that we have to date.

The sacramental levies for 2018 are charged per child and will be –
Year 3                   Reconciliation                $15 per child
Year 4                   First Eucharist               $20 per child
Year 6                   Confirmation                  Pre paid in 2017

2018 Camp Levy for all children in Year 5 and Year 6 will be $300 per child.

Early in Term 1 all families will receive an Annual School Fee and Levy Account. This will have itemised all school fees and levies including Camp Levy for children in Year 5 and Year 6 for the 2018 school year.

Preferred method of payment is Direct Debit by 10 instalments (February
to November) from a nominated bank account.

School fee and levy accounts may also be paid by cash, credit card or cheque.

Reminder statement accounts will be sent home at the beginning of term 2, 3 and 4 which will include previous itemised payments. All accounts should be paid in full by the end of November, 2018.

Our School Principal, Mrs. Meredith Bennett or the School Office Manager, Mrs. Karen Dermietzel would be more than happy to discuss arrangements regarding school fees and levies should you be experiencing financial difficulty. It is an expectation and condition of enrolment that all families contribute to school fees and levies. Please do not hesitate to contact the School Office if this becomes an area of concern at any time.